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motivational interviewing trainer and healthy communications consultant
integrative psychiatry and addiction medicine private practice

Behavioral health and health behavior are two sides of the same coin. Emotional well-being impacts physical well-being and vice versa. Primary care is as much about activating patients to better self-manage their health conditions as it is about providing biomedical care. This is especially true for primary care providers who work with the under served. 

People with chronic illnesses interact with their health providers a small percentage of the time, while day-in and day-out they, or their loved ones, must manage their health states. Its hard enough for those with resources, but its even harder for those with fewer resources. This web site's resources offer some support, guidance and ways for health care providers to help ltheir patients better enhance their health self-management skills.

My background includes many years as a senior faculty member and Behavioral & Addiction Medicine Director for the Primary Care Medicine Training Program, Alameda Health System where I also began the nation's first premedical student health coach project. I provide training and consultation in Motivational Interviewing and self-management support. Additionally, I have an integrative psychiatry practice in Oakland and San Francisco. I am both board certified in addiction medicine and psychiatry, and am a member of the California Society of Addiction Medicine executive council. I am also in the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine fellowship.

I hope that this site makes your job a bit easier,

Sharone Abramowitz, M.D.
www.pcbehavioralhealth.com creator