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alcohol and drug treatment settings
  • bhcs help line for substance use treatment, 844-682-7215, refers alameda county pts to right level of care based on asam criteria
  • samhsa bilingual treatment referral line, 1-800-662-4357, 24/7, spanish & english, also online national substance abuse treatment locator 
  • service directories
  • detox services
    • cherry hill detox, no medication or licensed therapy provided. provider can call in detox meds, or other needed meds, to cvs: 510-351-2877 & their staff will pick it up or can have pt bring, but also must fax verification of meds & staff there will administer.
    • provider line: (510) 346-7845 pt line: (510) 346-7839, fax: 510-351-7630
    • pt must call first (if provider calls provider line, can hand phone to pt and quicker response) ; no walk-ins; alcohol, drugs and dual-diagnosis; at ahs fairmont campus 
      • 1-23 hr sobering center, 3-5 d detox (will allow pt to stay longer as they wait to get into a recovery treatment program)
      • can arrange for pick-up from HGH ED
      • 3-5 days, for patients not requiring medication support;
    • offer limited health services with nurse and emt staff
  • outpatient services
  • residential services (patients might need to be detoxed first, usually require TB test before admitted)
    • cronin house, (510) 784-5874, men and women (co-ed), comprehensive 40 day program in hayward, co-occurring disorders only, takes alameda alliance
    • new bridge foundation, (510) 548-7270, berkeley, comprehensive detox, inpatient and outpatient services, takes alameda alliance
    • chrysalis(510) 450-1192, oakland, comprehensive program for addicted and/or dual-diagnosis addicted women
    • women on the way, (510) 276-3661, hayward, san leandro comprehensive program for addicted women
    • east bay community recovery project, (510) 446-7100, inpt and outpatient programs for co-occuring disorders
opiate maintenance treatment
co-occurring serious mental health and substance use disorders
or "dual diagnosis":
  • east bay community recovery project, dual diagnosis outpatient, includes psychiatric services, oakland 446-7100, hayward 728-8600
  • changes, a telecare program for both dually diagnosed and frequent users of emergency psychiatric care, case management, psychiatry
  • options recovery services, berkeley, dual diagnosis services for hard-core addicted clients
  • chrysalis(510) 450-1192 oakland, comprehensive residential program for dual-diagnosis addicted women
  • dual recovery anonymous, for patients with serious mental illness and alcohol/drug use, free, northern calif meeting list
  • changes dual recovery program, (510) 553-8500, for frequent users of psychiatric emergency servies
  • alameda family services, (510) 629-6300, dual-diagnosis adolescents, m-cal only
  • bonita house, dual diagnosis residential program, berkeley, private pay and insurance
  • berkeley drop-in center, multi-purpose community center for past and present mental health clients and persons undergoing significant emotional distress, includes peer counseling, substance abuse counseling, job counseling and practical support
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